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#ifndef COMMON_H
#define COMMON_H
#define aar(i,j,k) a[(i)*rny*rnz+(j)*rnz+(k)]
#define bar(i,j,k) b[(i)*rny*rnz+(j)*rnz+(k)]
#define car(i,j,k) c[(i)*rny*rnz+(j)*rnz+(k)]
#define far(i,j,k) f[(i)*rny*rnz+(j)*rnz+(k)]
#define uar(i,j,k) u[(i)*rny*rnz+(j)*rnz+(k)]
#define uOldar(i,j,k) uOld[(i)*rny*rnz+(j)*rnz+(k)]
#define alfaar(i,j) alfa[(i)*rnt+(j)]
#define betaar(i,j) beta[(i)*rnt+(j)]
#define uallar(i,j,k) u[(i)*ny*nz+(j)*nz+(k)]
struct str_params{
int nx;
int ny;
int nz;
double T;
double tau;
double hx;
double hy;
double hz;
double hx2;
double hy2;
double hz2;
int tprint;
int rnx;
int rny;
int rnz;
int beg_index_x;
int end_index_x;
int beg_index_y;
int end_index_y;
int beg_index_z;
int end_index_z;
int size_x;
int size_y;
int size_z;
int rank_x;
int rank_y;
int rank_z;
#endif // COMMON_H
This diff is collapsed.
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