Commit d0ab8da8 authored by Sergey Kireev's avatar Sergey Kireev
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scripts fix

parent 27c54197
......@@ -18,7 +18,6 @@ if (!exists("nt0")) nt0=0
if (!exists("prefix")) prefix="data"
if (!exists("suffix")) suffix=".dat"
if (!exists("title")) title=""
if (exists("nt")) title=sprintf("%s%d",title,nt)
if (!exists("sx")) sx=800
if (!exists("sy")) sy=800
......@@ -33,9 +33,9 @@ while next_iteration; do
tar -C $tmpdir -xzf $dattgzfile ${tmpdatname} || { echo "tar -C $tmpdir -xzf $dattgzfile ${tmpdir}/${tmpdatname} : failed!"; exit; }
#mv ${tmpdatname} $targetfile
gnuplot -e "nx=${nx}; ny=${ny}; nt=${nt}; nts=${nts};
gnuplot -e "nx=${nx}; ny=${ny};
title=\"${title}\"; sx=${pic_size_x}; sy=${pic_size_y};
title=\"${title}${nt}\"; sx=${pic_size_x}; sy=${pic_size_y};
colorn=\"${colorN}\"; colorl=\"${colorL}\"; colore=\"${colorE}\"" ${script_png}
# name=\"${fromdir}/${datname}\";
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