Commit b0ee324b authored by Sergey Kireev's avatar Sergey Kireev
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bug fixed in windows script

parent 03ed179a
......@@ -35,8 +35,9 @@ copy parameters.bat %name% >NUL
move %file_to_load% %name%\ >NUL
rem Run simulation
"%executable%" -nx %nx% -ny %ny% -nt %nt% -nts %nts% -ntp %ntp% -nsize %nsize% -%cell% ^
-en %en% -el %el% -enl %enl% -kt %kt% -mu %mu% -evap %evap% -cond %cond% -g %pgroup% ^
"%executable%" -nx %nx% -ny %ny% -nt %nt% -ite %ite% -nts %nts% -ntp %ntp% -nsize %nsize% -%cell% ^
-en %en% -el %el% -enl %enl% -kt %kt% -mu %mu% -evap %evap% -cond %cond% ^
-wn %wn% -wl %wl% -we %we% -wg %wg% ^
-ipn %ipn% -ipl %ipl% -ipe %ipe% -ofp %prefix% -ofs %suffix% ^
-load %name%/%file_to_load% -it %initial_step% ^
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